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Managers to However, with the successive problems and responsibilities that appear on the way of an entrepreneur, you can spend less and less time on marketing. However, it is an extremely important element of any activity, because it affects brand recognition on the market and among potential customers. total greenhouse gases emitte into the atmosphere. And that percentage only refers to emissions derive from the consumption of fossil fuels and industrial processes . An additional occurs in nature. Although less than methane. Be that as it may ending part of that. 

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Not lower the temperature of the planet but it will help prevent us from seeing alarming figures on the thermometers in summer. If something causes damage to the planet let’s end it. In the case of carbon dioxide the idea is to capture CO2 take advantage of it if possible and thus prevent it from continuing to contribute Marketing List to the overheating of the Earth. There are currently several projects underway that make this possible. What is desirable is that more countries and companies join so that the task of absorbing CO2 has a greater impact. Capture CO2 to help the planet and earn money.

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Mix with air helium hydrogen nitrogen or in high concentrations CO2 is use in beverages food preservation refrigeration a respiratory stimulant in hospitals wastewater treatment paper pulp and cardboard manufacturing in welding and metal casting The list is long. It’s more. Currently that CO2 or carbon dioxide is obtaine as Marketing List a by-product of production processes in other factories or industries. Come on the excess dioxide has been reuse for a long time. So why not take advantage of what we emit into the atmosphere Capturing that CO2 as soon as it is generate would mean a new source of carbon dioxide.

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