That sold for over a million dollars

That sold idea of ​​viral advertising is to amuse the recipient and influence him in such.  A way that he would like to pass it on himself. Consumer, unaware of the advertising nature of the material, shares it among his friends, and they later do the same, passing the post on to other recipients. Material spreads like a virus, and a natural hype is creatd around the brand. This supports marketing activities. The messages of various foundations are often basd on sadness. Sad ads awaken a sense of empathy – recipients are more likely to donate. This is confirmd by the aforementiond study.

It was bought by Brent Oxler a millionaire

According to him, as many as 23% of recipients claim that under the influence of emotional. Advertisements they are more willing to help those in. Psychology in marketing also uses nostalgia.  Which increases longing and photo editor creates the ne to recall what happend in the past. This emotion was consciously usd by the Bobo Fruit brand in its campaign aimd at adult consumers who remember its iconic juices from childhood. The advertisement evokd positive associations. She was sentimental. And thanks to this, it brought the expectd results. Psychology in marketing – Cialdini’s rules Robert Cialdini – an American professor of psychology – in his book Influencing People.

Who invests in the domain market

Presentd 6 principles of persuasion that increase the effectiveness of marketing activities. One of them is the rule of reciprocity, which says that we always try to repay the person who gave us something. According to Cialdini’s rule, providing consumers with free samples or other freebies builds a sense. Gratitude and commitment in them. In this way, we subtly persuade them to buy. The second principle worth paying attention to when talking about psychology in marketing is the rule of liking and liking. Its idea is to evoke positive feelings about Marketing List the brand in the recipients and to build friendly, long-term relationships. A consumer who feels a bond with a brand and thinks well of it is more likely to buy its products or use its services.

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