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According to data from the french national institute. Of statistics and economic research. After the epidemic has catalyzed the market. There is still huge room for development in the future. It is expect that its e-commerce market Market in Europ value will reach As the third billion in 2024. With a compound annual growth rate of. In terms of product categories fashion and beauty are half popular in france. Looking at the entire beauty and personal care product promotion. We will find that the french market attaches great importance. To the development of multi-channel social media. Such as whatsapp facebook youtube etc.Through internet celebrities kol marketing to improve the efficiency. Of in-depth localization of products.

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Euromonitor data shows that as of 2021, the cross-border e-commerce market in Eastern Europe is US$109.2 billion. Although it is not as large as the Chinese Overseas America Number Data Western European market, its growth rate is significantly higher than that of Western Europe.

Take Poland as an example. As one of the fastest-growing economies in the EU, Poland’s Internet penetration rate is as high as 87.0%, there are 32.86 million Internet users, and it loves Chinese products. These advantages have provided a good foundation for the development of local e-commerce. A report released by Strategy&Polska shows that by 2027, the Polish e-commerce market value will reach 187 billion zloty. At the same time, the development of social e-commerce in Poland is also very good.

Special Data

The social media penetration rate has reached

There are 27.2 million social media users, and the entire social e-commerce market has shown explosive growth. According to statistics, 24% of Polish Marketing List online shopping users place orders through social platforms. The most commonly used platforms include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Overall, there is enough room in the European market to become a vast blue ocean in the future, allowing many Chinese companies to sense opportunities. However, now that the peak season is approaching, although there are many market opportunities, whether they can be seized is also a question.

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