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To better understand the purpose of template messages, we need to first differentiate between the two message types of WhatsApp Business and understand what the customer service window is. When a user actively sends a message to a merchant through WhatsApp, a 24-hour service window opens. At this time, the merchant can choose to reply with any type of conversation message or with a template message. Template messages of the Authentication verification category: such as account registration, secure login, account activation, password retrieval, etc. On June 1, 2023, WhatsApp will use a new charging model with classified pricing based on four different session types.

WhatsApp Business conversation messages

Whatsapp conversation messages or free-form messages are messages. That businesses send to users on whatsapp business during the 24-hour customer service window. When a user proactively sends their first chinese overseas asia number. Data message to a merchant on whatsapp a 24-hour conversation window opens. During a session, merchants can send users any type and .Frequency of session messages. However, the session window closes 24 hours after the last message sent by the customer. From now on, if merchants want to proactively reach users, they can only send them through template messages. Whatsapp template messages refer. To pre-approved message formats that merchants can send through. Whatsapp business to proactively reach users outside of the 24-hour customer service window. These message templates are designed to provide merchants with a structured way to send information to users, such as product arrival reminders, appointment reminders, logistics notifications or transaction updates, to ensure compliance with whatsapp’s policies.

Special Data


Template messages must be pre-approved by WhatsApp before they can be used. Merchants can create their own templates to submit for approval, or use existing templates provided by Marketing List WhatsApp. Once the template message is approved, the merchant can send such template message to users who choose to receive merchant messages on WhatsApp. Different types of WhatsApp Business template messages
Template messages of Utility notification category: such as transaction information confirmation, after-sales service notification, regular bill, etc. Template messages in the Marketing category: such as product activities and discount information, membership marketing, product arrival reminders, and shopping cart product reminders

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