Free seo tools for your site Google suggest

Free seo tools for your site Google suggest These are google’s suggestions when you type a request in the search bar and the options you will find at the bottom of the page once the search is started. The suggestions are very useful for delving deeper into the topic and finding new keywords linked to the topic you want to position yourself on. Keyword planner It is google ads’ keyword research tool . Ads is mainly used for publishing advertisements, but it can also be very useful for choosing keywords.

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In fact, through keyword planner you will be able to measure the average monthly searches per keyword . To use it you must create an account on google ads (remember to europe email list select accounts without a campaign). Once you enter the interface, you will need to refer to tools & settings → keyword planner . Type the keyword you are interested in (don’t forget to select the country and language). Keyword planner shows you historical data of the searched word , related words and competition . Remember to evaluate this last fact carefully.

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 a keyword with high monthly traffic and a high competition rate is not necessarily a good choice. It would be better to opt for a lower competition so as to have a better chance of positioning yourself on the first page. Google trends This seo tool is very specific, it allows you to control the frequency of use of a term and its geographical position . You can also evaluate the search volume according to certain filters, such as location, period, category.  This way you will have an idea  Marketing List of ​​​​how users are moving on the internet , what has lost interest and you could even prevent future interest. Google analytics Google analytics is a tool that you absolutely must use .

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