The best tools for doing seo on a website

The best tools for doing seo on a website 7 tools and 4 plugins to help you perform seo effectively and quickly on the pages of your site. A site, without seo, does not exist. Yes, you read correctly, we are talking about the entire site, not just individual blog articles. Let’s explain better: the entire site must be liked not only by users but also by google , therefore it must be designed taking into account the parameters it deems most relevant for positioning purposes. Just a few months ago, at the end of 2019, google made new , rather substantial, changes to its algorithm . This means that seo has become even more important than before and much more specific.

Inserting keywords is no longer enough

Inserting keywords is no longer enough, you must have good content, be competent in the subject and have an excellent overall structure . In short, a site must be imagined from the beginning also according to the search engine and its requests. To help you with this task asia email list which can be burdensome, there are seo tools that make your work easier. If you have a site and want to improve its position, or are thinking of creating one, you won’t be able to do without these tools. Content of seo value for the public What tools to use for good seo? We’ll tell you a secret: the first tool for doing seo is you ! What does it mean?

¬†That you can’t improvise, you have to inform yourself, go back to studying and understand how the web works and then use the tools in the best possible way. Seo tools really help you in achieving excellent positions in the serp. We are not exaggerating when we say that it is difficult to Marketing List¬† work well with your site without knowing and using these tools. From plugins to free google services , there are so many strategies you can implement to gain positions.

That you can't improvise,

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