Inbound Marketing: how to integrate Instagram into your strategy

On instagram there are more than 1.4 billion active users per month spread all over the world and approximately 90% of these users follow at least one company profile and 80% follow it actively. These data have led many companies to be present on instagram and offer content on a regular basis for their followers, although not all of them follow a good content strategy. By this we mean that using instagram can have many benefits for a brand, although it is necessary to design a good inbound marketing strategy to obtain good results. In addition to the number of users, there are other reasons why instagram should be used in an inbound marketing strategy.

What tools and functionalities Instagram offers

One of them is that it is a way to Rich People Phone Number List reach a larger audience, since unlike other social networks, users tend to look for new accounts to follow and that provide them with useful and interesting content. It is also a very good place to increase the community and generate engagement, since instagram is the social media with the highest number of interactions. This can make it much easier to establish a relationship of trust and closeness with the target audience and customers. Other benefits are that through a good inbound marketing strategy on instagram you can generate branding or brand recognition, increase web traffic and promote products and services. What tools and functionalities instagram offers instagram has several tools and functionalities that allow you to carry out a good inbound marketing strategy.

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The most effective Instagram content

The first, and also the best known by all, is the Marketing List publication of content in the feed. Here you can share different types of publications, so it’s about finding the one that users like the most, with a characteristic brand identity. Another type of publication that generates a lot of engagement are stories. In addition, this format allows you to do surveys, questions, questionnaires… So it is a way to obtain valuable information about customers. Other formats that are also important to benefit from the instagram algorithm are the videos in the feed, which are long-lasting videos; and the reels, short videos. The latter, in fact, were born with the idea of competing with tiktok, as well as offering a type of content that is on the rise, which are videos with a duration of between 15 and 60 seconds.

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