What trends are to come in OTT services during 2023

The us streaming market has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with existing platforms consolidating and new ones emerging. In turn, this has fueled growth globally, as these platforms have turned to international markets for further expansion. The result has been that the global ott market has doubled since 2019 . Asia pacific and north america are the most prominent regions, with emerging markets occupying a growing market share. In the asia pacific region, revenue from ott tv and movies is estimated to grow by 90% to reach $54 billion by 2026. We find ourselves with a consolidated market and several important players.

The growth of connected television (CTV)

For marketers, this means that investing Coinbase Virtual Currency Database in ott services is more important than ever. So it will be essential to take them into account in our marketing plans for 2023. We must also take into account the diversity of this market: it is worth analyzing what is the preferred platform of our target and see. If we are interested in dividing. The investment among several of them to improve the reach. the growth of connected television (ctv).

The growth of connected television or ctv. Which in turn has influenced the configuration of our homes. It is increasingly necessary to separate leisure and work spaces within our own home, and after hours working on the laptop, we want to enjoy a larger and more comfortable screen. The use of ott technology, single sign-on and the improvement of the internet connection in homes has encouraged users to watch streaming content on their televisions .

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The user experience as a priority in OTT services

This format makes it very easy for them Marketing List to access a variety of exclusive content tailored to their tastes and needs. Another habit to take into account and linked to this boom in connected televisions is multiscreen , since users consume content on television while using mobile phones or tablets… Sometimes even to share details of what they are watching. As marketers, we have to be aware of these new media consumption habits and adapt our strategy to them in order to reach our target audience in their leisure time.

The user experience as a priority in ott services the ott services sector has become highly competitive. There are multiple platforms fighting to gain their market share, and each of them tries to differentiate itself through different elements, such as the offer of content or the price of subscriptions. This competitiveness makes user experience a key factor in ott trends for 2023.

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