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Massage Services : If you are certifie in massage, you can run a massage services business at home or visiting clients. Pet Care : This small capital business offers pet care services such as day care, walking, or animal care when the owner is away. Delivery Service : This small capital business is carrie out by opening a local delivery service, especially for goods that are often ordere by local people. Financial Consulting Services : If you have a background in finance, you can provide personal or business financial consulting.

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Private Tutor : This small capital business offers private tutoring services for certain subjects or certain skills such as music, languages, or sports. Ornamental Plant Business : This small capital business sells ornamental plants, pots and gardening equipment. Ornamental UK WhatsApp Number List plants are popular nowadays. Electronic Repair Services : If you are an expert in repairing electronic gadgets such as cell phones or computers, you can open an electronic repair business.

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Teaching specific skills or knowlege through online courses, such as foreign language courses, programming training, or art courses. Photography Service Providers : If you have a talent for photography, you can take photos for special Australia Phone Number List events such as wedings, birthday parties, or family portraits. Healthy Food Catering Services : This small capital business is done by opening a catering business that focuses on healthy food and certain diets. Craft Business : Making and selling handicrafts such as jewelry, home decorations, or other unique items. Home Repair and Renovation Services.

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