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Where are our Make a distinction between and separate optins According to the GDPR requirements, people must have the possibility to give or remove their consent for each type of email you want to send them . It is no longer possible to combine several items into a single one and request consent only once. So, for example, if you typically send monthly newsletters, promotional emails, and automat emails, you should make sure you have consent for each of these fields. . Collect only the necessary information The new privacy legislation, in fact, requires companies to collect only the data strictly necessary to receive the service or information that the user requests.

The different types of emails

If you ne to collect more information about your leads, therefore, you must carefully explain the reason for this request. Second step make sure you have the consent of the contacts already in the database The GDPR is retroactive, which means it web designs and development service also affects contacts already in the database . In this case the process is divid into two parts. Make sure you have a “legal basis” for having the contacts in the database As we have seen several times, this basis can be of types legitimate interest prospect / customer, execution of a contract and user consent.

You receive their consent

In the event that the legal basis for managing a contact is consent, make sure you have obtain. It after clearly informing the user and without using prefill checkboxes. If you are not able to trace your contacts to one of these three legal bases you should move on to the second step. Create an optin confirmation Marketing List campaign or permission pass campaign. If you want to continue sending email marketing campaigns to your old contacts , you ne to ensure as requir by the GDPR. To do this you can start what is call an optin confirmation campaign or permission pass campaign. Even if your contacts sign up voluntarily, running this type of campaign can be useful to improve

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