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In what way However, the GDPR does not require double optin if you are already using consent as a legal basis. However, the fact remains that double optin is the best practice and should still be follow to have an extremely clean database. After all, it’s better to have a small number of people on your email list who actually. Want to be contact than hundrs of thousands of people who only vaguely remember opting in maybe months ago. GDPR and email marketing how to manage a permission pass email campaign. Or GDPR repermissioning campaign GDPR and email marketing how to manage a permission pass email campaign.

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Process make sure you have all your data clean and that it is not duplicate. For contacts who haven’t participat in open or click through any of your campaigns recently. This is an exciting opportunity to reengage them with your brand. Consider as personal an approach as possible Once you have a clean data set. Identify simple subscribers, leads, and most engag customers. Highlight the most seo expater bangladesh ltd valuable contacts for your business. Bas on the size of your database try to consider a more valuable personal approach. Step One Obtain appropriate and inform consent from new contacts.

What will happen once

Make sure your forms correctly inform new subscribers about they give you their consent. One of the points on which the GDPR particularly focuses its attention is the way in which this consent is obtain. Users must be free to give or deny their consent to the processing of their personal data and must do so in an inform manner on how their data is manag. Obtaining consent as requir by the GDPR, therefore, means. Allow Marketing List voluntary and active optin You can use checkboxes with a link to the privacy policy through. Which the contact can express his consent, you cannot use prepopulat checkboxes in an affirmative manner or particularly complex sentences that lead the user to get confus. 

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