How to create a content strategy step by step

How to create a content strategy step by step. If you have a blog, believe me, you are interested in reading this article because. Therefore, I am going to explain how you should focus your content strategy to improve. Its effectiveness, and most importantly, to achieve the conversion and monetization objectives you are looking for. Let’s start the story at the beginning, and how you should create a Blog content strategy. Therefore, to avoid making the mistake of thinking that this is a matter of time or of publishing n articles because it is not.

What is a content strategy for a blog

A content strategy is not a content plan. Therefore, just as an editorial calendar is not a document the titles and dates of the content that we will publish on the blog. Therefore, and I will explain why they are not in this article, and what Even more important. What a good content strategy and a good blog editorial calendar should be like. Let’s go! A content strategy is a email contact list┬ádetailed plan for the dissemination of a personal brand or a business. Therefore, which seeks to achieve specific objectives through a strategic design of different content.

What is a blog editorial calendar

Almost certainly you have been told all your life that a blog editorial calendar is a document. Therefore, where we define the date and title of each publication Marketing List but let me tell you that this is not the case. Therefore, creating an editorial calendar requires. A more advanced and detailed study of each content and where you must incorporate the following aspects: Difficulty analysis. Before introducing a new topic in your editorial calendar. You have to be clear about whether you can position that keyword or if it is not the ideal time to publish that content.

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