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A develop significant  To find out about the exclusive contents of his book click here: digitalcaos TAKE AWAY . GETTING BACK TO PEOPLE Not consumers, prosumers, producers or partners: let’s call them “people”. Reflect on the value of human relationships, what really matters to them and what they expect from your brand and your company. As in any relationship, what matters is that it is found on shar values. An aspect that goes far beyond marketing and communication and involves the entire company. . FROM QUANTITY TO QUALITY Post, post and post: don’t think about it for a moment.

Try to pause the importance

Of timetables, profiling, segmentations, advertising seo expate bd campaigns and budgets. What content are you conveying? What are the expectations regarding your brand and your reference sector? . SIGNIFICANT ENGAGEMENT For a moment, don’t combine digital with social . How can your brand, using technology, create meaningful connections with people? When could you actually offer user support? From research to inspiration, to selecting a product, from purchase to consumption.

Engaging means generating

Experiences that are memorable. If this Marketing List article has intrigu you I ADVISE YOU: In the next few years the network will reach thirty years old, smartphones will have a traditional flavour, banknotes will disappear, smart speakers will have invad our homes and we will no longer be able to distinguish a human conversation from an artificial intelligence: here is the scenario of a plausible digital chaos to which we can choose whether to surrender, oppose, or… give order. Digital innovations have enter every area of ​​our lives, revolutionizing the ways of relating, learning and communicating. Anyone can accept them and seize the opportunities, but for those who deal with communication and web marketing the main objective is to recover their meaning. This book does not offer ready-to-use recipes and miraculous solutions.

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