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Frequently made efforts in overseas markets. For example: in January 2022, Jitu “killed” into the Middle East and officially operated express service network points in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia; in October of the same year, SF Express officially opened a mailing service to The services of New Malaysia and Thailand have also previously acquired Kerry Logistics; in November, Cainiao opened its Latin American headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and announced its three-year development plan in Brazil, etc.

It is undeniable that going overseas has become a must-have option for Chinese logistics companies in the second half. Why must they go overseas? What is the current situation of Chinese logistics companies overseas? What opportunities are left?


From home to abroad

In recent years, China’s logistics industry has developed very rapidly and has become one of the largest logistics markets in the world. A large number of goods are shipped to all Sweden Telegram Number Data parts of the world every year, and the logistics and transportation system is also very mature. However, with the development of the industry, domestic e-commerce logistics has entered into stock competition, resulting in serious involution in the domestic express logistics market. Therefore, many logistics companies have set their sights on overseas markets, striving to build “brand power” and “better services” globally. . Of course, in addition to this, behind this wave of logistics companies actively going overseas, it is also inseparable from the promotion of policies, market demand and other factors.


Current status and trends of global cross-border logistics industry

According to the “Insights on the development of china’s. Express overseas market in 2022” released by the data analysis agency analysys. China’s logistics will nearly enter Marketing List the era of “100 billion pieces” in 2021. With total logistics business revenue exceeding 1 trillion yuan. But in comparison. The domestic cross-border logistics volume is only 2.1 billion. Accounting for 1.9% of the annual business volume cross-border logistics business is 116.3 billion yuan. Accounting for 11.3% of the annual logistics business revenue. Nowadays, whether it is sf express, jd logistics.”Three links and one express” jitu and other giant companies or small. And medium-sized logistics service providers they are frequently making overseas efforts and. Trying to quickly expand overseas markets through various strategies.

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