WhatsApp Business Platform: Differences between WhatsApp On-Premise API and

Whatsapp business platform there is no doubt that whatsapp is already. One of the most popular messaging apps. Statistics show that 2.4 billion people around the .World use whatsapp, making it the most used mobile messaging channel. Since the launch of whatsapp business. Companies around the world have been using the whatsapp Differences between business platform to take advantage of this channel to achieve their own development. Answer customer questions, provide support. Promote sales, send notifications, and any other scenario you can think of. All with the whatsapp business platform! In may 2022 whatsapp launched the. Cloud version of whatsapp cloud api, hosted by meta to help. Enterprises access whatsapp business more easily. Whatsapp cloud api may seem perfect for some businesses. While the hosting of the on-premise api may be more important to others.

So how does the WhatsApp Cloud API differ from the original

WhatsApp Business API setup? Which software solution is best for your business? Let’s find out! WhatsApp Business API Meta provides WhatsApp Business support through a native GDPR-compliant REST API protocol Betting Number Data called the WhatsApp On-Premise API, the original WhatsApp Business API. The API is hosted by Meta’s officially authorized service provider (BSP), such as CM.com. This means that the software is installed and run on the BSP’s infrastructure. WhatsApp Cloud API In 2022, Meta released the WhatsApp Cloud API, not as a replacement for the WhatsApp On-Premise API, but as an additional option for different usage scenarios or goals. Like the On-Premise API, the Cloud API allows enterprises to send and receive all types of messages and media. In fact, Cloud API will become the platform of choice for businesses new to WhatsApp business features that automate and help businesses increase conversion rates.

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WhatsApp Cloud API features End-to-end encryption for Meta

Not BSP Get early access to new product features auto update Higher message output than native API Emoticons can be used, similar to WhatsApp chat Marketing List Unlike the On-Premise API, the Cloud API is hosted by Meta cloud servers, with data storage centers located in the UK and the United States. Of course, these servers are GDPR compliant. The Cloud API is based on the Facebook Graph API and covers most Meta products, including Instagram and WhatsApp. For developers in between, the Graph API is an HTTP-based API that can be used to programmatically query data, publish new stories, manage ads, upload photos, and more. Choose the most suitable WhatsApp Business API for your business The choice between On-Premise API and Cloud API largely depends on the enterprise’s WhatsApp.

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