In the current crisis of trust

Chinese people, except for some places where we cannot. “Start” due to restrictions due to objective reasons. It has been difficult to find markets without our footprint. At the same time, the cost of purchasing volume is also increasing year by year, and the cost of developing new customers it is almost 5 times the cost. Of maintaining old customers.  Development, instead of. Spending a lot of money to buy traffic that may not be retained, they might as well focus more on how to retain the hearts of existing consumers and enhance consumer loyalty to the brand. Superior! However, today’s consumers are. No longer the original “Silly white sweets”. Hubspot research. Report shows that 81% of consumers trust recommendations from relatives. And friends more than brand recommendations, 65% of consumers no longer trust advertising. And 71% of consumers don’t trust social media recommendations.


Trust is precisely the key to improving brand loyalty

Starting from the practical interaction between consumers and the brand, that is, customer service, we gradually build consumers’ trust in the brand. Let’s share some factual data about customer service. 1. 78% of consumers Bank User Number Data said that they would still be willing to come again if an issue was properly handled. Data source: Salesforce Don’t be afraid of problems arising. Disputes do not mean the end. Correcting errors in a timely manner, responding positively to the consumer concerned, and providing consumers with a good experience can not only win back consumers’ hearts, but can even be an excellent opportunity to increase consumers’ loyalty to the brand! For example, when quality problems occur, we sincerely apologize to the parties involved and actively handle returns and exchanges.


For companies that focus on their long-term

On this basis, we can provide additional compensation benefits to the parties involved, such as free trials of new products Marketing List or coupons for re-purchase. 2. 70% of consumers said that they are willing to continue shopping if high-quality services can be provided. Data source: Salesforce The primary goal of customer service is to provide consumers with a satisfactory solution within a few simple interactions. To improve service quality, we must first ensure that consumers scattered across various channels can effectively contact the brand without hindrance, and the brand also understands the situation of consumers.

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