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I am finishing a post about the Hungarian writer Arthur Koestler and I ne to quote a passage from that letter he left to explain the reasons that l him to take his life. But I want to go to a reliable source. The letter is reproduc in abundance on blogs and various sites on the Internet, and there are no reasonable doubts to question its authenticity, but my scruples (even more so if a few weeks ago I just post a text about the proliferation of spurious quotes in the network, starting from a poem of regrettable production falsely attribut to Borges) determines me to find some source that has the endorsement of an authorship recogniz in academic terms, in which that last document appears cit.

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So, I go online (urgency is the sign of these volatile times). Searching for this letter, I find a restrict access book on Google Books . Its title: On the other side of the garden , by the Colombian Carlos Framb. This is a work in which Framb recounts the process that l him to prepare the suicide of his mother, who insistently ask b2b email list him to help her die, after having been at the mercy of a series of chronic ailments that transform the last years of his life. nor in the few that some national bookstores have available here), and in this trance I discover a review of Framb’s book, in which a book by Paul Auster, The Invention of Solitude, in which the American writer develops a deep mitation of existential arrests following the sudden death of his father.

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ife in unspeakable suffering. He also describes there the legal process to which he was subject after surviving (since he had decid to die with her), accus of murder. In this book, when remembering the cases of thinkers and artists who appeal to this resource, Koestler’s letter is cit, but the source from which it was taken is not mention, and, to complicate the matter, the book is not paginat. From Koestler to Auster: good books, chance and the Internet Attract by this moving and very well written story (which I read poorly, because, as we know, the books Marketing List on Google Books – at least, the vast majority – are restrict access, so it is only possible to read some pages), I’m diving back into the Internet to see if a digitiz copy of this book has been put into circulation by some generous Internet user since I can’t find it in the good online catalog of the bookstore I sometimes go to,

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