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I put together a few new features and developments Visibility and strengthen for 2022-2023. You should be aware of these so that you can distinguish the most important trends for your business and implement new features before your competitors so that you can get the most out of them. Performance Max campaign type One of Googles newest campaign types is Performance Max which promises to bring maximum results with less effort using Googles artificial intelligence.

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Ads are shown advertising network e.g. On YouTube Gmail Search Network Display Network and Shopping. In business lead Performance Max campaigns separate ads are not made but advertising texts images videos and products are enter into the campaigns from which Google combines the most effective entities with different channels and shows advertising in accordance with the given budget and goals.

Budget you can manage

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Read more about Performance when using it . Product fes in advertising Product fes are an important part of the agile advertising of products in online stores because. With them the desir Marketing List products can be automatically advertis in Googles Shopping network in an easily browseable format. Thousands of online store products can be turn into. Advertisements and the most important information about them such as stock availability and delivery. Payment information can be present to potential buyers.

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