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I must say that I finish the post on Koestler . I found the reference to his letter, and the transcription of an appropriate passage, in a (physical) book by George Steiner, who was his friend. Publish by the Siruela publishing house, the work includes his collaborations that appear in the renown North American magazine The New Yorker over thirty years. And well: in addition to all this, we know who the great Steiner is. Enough support. II A few days have pass. I have finish reading Auster’s book and my expectations were not disappoint.

Out in This Note

t is a work written with the guts. It is a book with an autobiographical tone, in which the American writer meticulously records those memories impregnat with fire in his memory with the indelible varnish of pleasure and pain. In the midst of this catalog of experiences with an intense vital pulse, space is also given to reflections with business email list a suggestive philosophical tone. Thus, illness and death, the uncertainty and chance of existence, the incomprehensible and disturbing coincidences that seem to have been dictat with irony and cruel premitation by a playful destiny, the expiration and deterioration impos by the inevitable course of the time, are some of the themes that appear there.

The Debt on the

From Koestler to Auster: good books, chance and the Internet Auster calls this visceral review of his life a “phenomenology of breathing” (p. 5), that is, a direct and attentive description of the sensations attach to the memories Marketing List that, like whiplashes, have mark his intense existence. The expression is timely and suggestive: breathing is the mechanism that, with exemplary discretion, maintains our life in the most basic terms. Paying attention to it implies scrutinizing – almost, one might say, with notarial scruple – every heartbeat of our organism, striving to perceive each sensation hidden in the unnotic folds of everyday life.

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