How To Tweak Your Ecommerce Packaging To

The role of eCommerce packaging has evolved from a “nice to have” to a “must have” since online retail put product packaging into the spotlight.

When did this happen? Well, online shoppers are also avid social media users, and often they find products through posts shared on social media platforms.[ * ] The first thing they see and comment on is the packaging.

The result: 72% of consumers say that product packaging design influences their purchase decision.

Therefore, the notion of what really matters is what’s in it no longer holds true as shoppers love to share their buying experiences online – and that includes their packaging and unboxing experiences.

ECommerce packaging is everything related to the protection

Protection is the main goal of packaging. During database shipping, your product will be subjected to shocks, bumps, vibrations, temperature changes, and (sometimes) mishandling. Your packaging must be able to withstand all circumstances and arrive at your customer’s doorstep safe and undamaged.

Smart packaging can maintain the authenticity of its contents regardless of the temperature and conditions during shipment.

Food and fragile items are two of the most sensitive items to ship that require extra attention.presentation

How to make a first impression? Packaging


This is where the marketing aspect comes into play. Beyond the product, the way you present your packaging can be an effective tool for influencing your customers’ buying decisions.

Part of the presentation is the quality of the ingredients used. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s even more impressive when the packaging doesn’t cost much but is aesthetically well put together and functional.

3 Best eCommerce Packaging Examples
Here are 3 examples of brands implementing eCommerce packaging design, functionality and overall brand performance.

Pads meet Fashion by Kotex Designer SeriesSource: Kotex
Pads but make it fashionable? Kotex says why not? The bold pattern but discreet packaging speaks well to the 14 to 22 year old market. The predominantly black outer package is complemented by a strap, making it look like a wallet. The pads themselves feature different patterns in vibrant Marketing List colors, you can choose depending on your mood!

Plus the side window shows the thickness of the bearing making it easier for buyers to choose according to their needs.


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