The 15 KPI indicators of your inbound marketing strategy

The objective of this phase is to get visits, that is, for the public to visit our web pages and social media accounts thanks to the quality of our content. To know if we are meeting it, these are the most important inbound marketing kpis. visits to our website: this inbound marketing indicator allows us to know in general what the public’s experience is like when they visit our website, as well as the quality of the content and the sem and seo positioning . This includes metrics such as the time that users have spent on our page, from which device they visit it and from which location, among others.

KPI indicators in the conversion phase

The more authority the website that links to your page. The better Job Seekers Phone Numbers List positioning you will obtain. This inbound marketing indicator is considered one of the most important, since the google algorithm takes backlinks into account when positioning a page. 3) total number of keywords positioned in search engines: to know if you are doing efficient seo positioning, this inbound can be of great help. If you get many keywords or keywords to be in the top positions in search engines, it means that you are on the right track and that your number of visits should be high.  Bounce rate or bounce rate: this inbound marketing indicator warns about the percentage of people who leave your website without having made any interaction with it. Special Database

KPI indicators in the closing or sale phase

Like backlinks, it is a crucial indicator Marketing List in inbound marketing. Indicators in the conversion phase the conversion phase seeks to obtain leads (potential customers). We will achieve this if the public registers and leaves us their data. The registration and downloadable content is the one that has prominence at this stage. Specifically, the figure indicates the investment per lead.

Regarding what is the most appropriate figure for this indicator, the truth is that there is no single answer to this question, as it depends on each business. As a company you must mark what is the figure you want to approach so that your strategies are profitable.

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