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Marketing plan A plan of recommend. Marketing activities for specific brands. Planning marketing funnels Selecting tools and communication channels for specific brands and target groups. Determining the communication path for the client bas on touchpoints. Communication map We develop specific communication maps, message locations, exemplary mia. Operational plan of actions for brands and channels A plan of recommend marketing actions for specific brands. Determining the budget framework Initial budgeting for months of activities recommend in the operational plan.

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Key stages and cascading of goals. At the final stage of the strategy, we indicate the key stages necessary to implement KPIs. Together with the indication of key stages for the plan. ARRANGE A FREE CONSULTATION At BUZZcenter, we have develop an original method of working on the strategy. strategic analysis Strategic analysis diagnosis and recommendations Diagnosis and recommendations strategic objectives Strategic objectives Strategy whatsapp mobile number list design Strategy design the bottom of the brand brand DNA Strategy communication Strategy communication Strategy planning Strategy planning Cascading targets Cascading targets Implementation and monitoring Implementation and monitoring Implementation and supervision Implementation and supervision Business development strategy – what is the cost.

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The cost of developing a full strategy according to our method is calculat in such a way that it is realistic for both small and mium -siz companies. The final amount is calculat bas on the number of hours it will take us to develop the individual stages of the strategy. Typically, the cost of a strategy project is in the range of , to , , spread over – payments. a strategy for your company, make an appointment for a free consultation and Marketing List situation and nes. We will prepare a proposal dicat to your company. If you are not convinc that a business. Development strategy in the area of.


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