Prioritizing Tasks Using the Priority Star Method

Let’s take a look at the interrelationships of the individual elements. We start at the top and move clockwise.

The first question is, can writing posts speed up podcasting, or will creating podcasts help create posts? It turns out that transcripts of recordings work great as posts. Each new podcast can automatically be a new post on the site. So we draw an arrow from the podcast pointing towards the post, showing their relationship to each other.

The next item is the mailing list. Basic question: Will people sign up for my mailing list if I don’t have posts on the site? Probably not, so it’s the posts that will drive the success of the mailing list.

What about my site’s server and domain? I can’t really do anything until I have a domain and server to host my site. So domain and server will support posts.

Posts or Design?

In the case of posts and design (artwork), it can be a bit more difficult because you can start publishing texts even when all the artwork is not ready. However, if you want your publications to look attractive and the photos and graphics to be adapted to the template, you should wait until the design is ready. You won’t waste time going back to your posts just to change the graphics resolution.

Once we’ve determined how the post relates to othfrom  Whatsapp Mobile Number List accr things, we move on to the next item on our list – the podcast – and do the exact same exercise. Will a podcast help you grow your mailing list? More content on the page means more interesting material for readers. You will have a chance to interest more people. So the podcast will become the engine of email marketing.

You will also need a domain and server as you need a podcast publishing platform

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As in the case of posts, also in the case of a podcast, the graphic design can dictate the format of subsequent published episodes and the graphics attached to them.

Another topic is the mailing list. You will need a server and domain to install forms that capture user emails. The forms will have to be prepared in the same style as the entire graphic design of your website.

So we are left with two elements: domain and Marketing List  design. Which do you think is more important? It will be much easier for you to work on the graphic design when you already have a domain and server purchased. You will be able to test various solutions and even send test page links to your friends and ask for their opinion.

After completing the entire exercise, a beautiful star was formed.

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