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However, you do not want your company or product to be synonymous with bad taste and the object of jokes. Viral advertising can be unpreictable. It happene, for example, that a clip of one of the state-owne companies spread around the web as an example of incompetence and backwardness. Then a competitor made a sensation parodying a clumsy advertising campaign, and one writer, describing the hopeless campaign of a state mogul and his other sins, le to the fact that her readers burst into tears of laughter. Those who did not yet know him from the bad side had the opportunity to know all his flaws.

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Viral advertising – what to watch out for? There is a lot of talk about the phenomenon of unverifie information, fake news and even deep fakes, in which it is already possible to imitate a recording with a famous person, using her voice samples, or adding Latest Mailing Database her words that she did not say. Therefore, one must be sensitive to ensure that viral advertising (original and risky by design) does not repeat harmful half-truths or stereotypes. The viral spread in social meia, especially when the content concerns health, can be compare to a forest fire, in which destruction occurs quickly from a single match, and the losses can be huge. A Polish blogger made a clip suggesting that he was a guest on the famous Ellen Degeneres show.

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Indee, it became loud about him, and the talk-show star did not hurt the harmless joke. However, one can imagine a situation Examples of viral advertising Does viral advertising work? Just look at the most viral photos on Instagram to see that Marketing List many of them were create in collaboration with person X or as a result of a campaign. These include a cute photo of a certain singer drinking Coca-Cola ( over 4 million likes ) or a reality-show star wearing a Givenchy outfit ( 14 million likes ). We recommend The psychology of advertising – how to use it successfully? Often in content aggregators you can come across viral memes and photos showing the unusual use of a product or an amazing recipe.

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