With Influencers Who Are Most Likely to Achieve Real Results for Their Brand

Links that influencers work harder to convince them when they’re compensated for the results. This increases the income of the most successful influencers. Instead brands will find that paying for results through affiliate links can save them money by reducing the frequency of overpaying and giving them an easy way to monitor compensation which helps them calculate ROI. Affiliate links have another benefit for consumers. Their unobtrusiveness gives customers the convenience of not having to search for things. This is undoubtedly one of the influencer marketing strategies that benefit all parties. Influencer marketing will regularly incorporate user-generated content.

Micro and nano influencers will take center stage

I mentioned this in The Age of Influencer, but using influencer content when working with nano or even micro-influencers can be more beneficial than Latest Mailing Database amplifying your reach. If we look at my Influencer Brand Affinity Model every business has an army of potential influencers and these influencers are their consumers this is not based on the number of followers. User-generated and brand-specific content such as unboxing videos or hashtags will be prioritized. Brands will use user-generated content to influence their target audience as it is more likely to be trusted by potential customers.

While nano and micro influencers may have smaller audiences

Latest Mailing Database

Influencer marketing will become more collaborative in 2019. As influencer marketing becomes more sophisticated, brands will start collaborating with Marketing List influencers to run more effective campaigns. As a result influencers will be able to share their knowledge and experiences with other brands. This is comforting in many ways as it encourages everyone to make the most of their professional relationships. In the end the consumer also wins because they got the right product at the right price. Influencer marketing will become more collaborative in 2020.

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