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We can together The snacks that you can try to do business include selling bananas, spicy sticks, cassava chips, shrimp crackers, and other snacks that many people like or that people rarely sell. To make your culinary business sell well, you can read the tips via this link. Photocopy Business Photo copy business for beginners. source envato A photocopying business will be profitable if you open it around schools, campuses, offices and other places where visitors nee a photocopy.

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The photocopy machine itself is not a cheap machine. However, you can buy a use photocopier to save more capital. You can learn the photocopier yourself and then run it, but you can also hire someone else to run it. Also read: Steps to Building a Printing Thailand WhatsApp Number Data Business for Beginners . Clothing Business Clothing is something that everyone nees and comes in many model choices. If you are creative in your branding, you can sell clothes at a high price but the purchase price is low. You can sew it yourself if you have fashion skills, but you can also buy clothes wholesale and then resell them.

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You can take advantage of religious holidays to get more customers. You can also use social meia to market it. Intereste? You can see tips for selling clothes online via this link . . Baby Equipment Business Compare to adults, babies nee more equipment. This Thailand Phone Number List is an opportunity to do business for ordinary people and can be a business choice for beginners, namely to create a children’s equipment business. The capital is quite large, because you have to rent a place to open a shop and prepare a large amount of capital to fill the shop window.

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