What are the advantages of a PO box?

What is a post office box? What is a PO Box? It is a box, located in a postal agency, with a number and closed with a key . The Post Office leaves all mail there: letters and parcels. Only its holder has the key . Setting up a post office box is a service offered by the Post Office, allowing a company to have an address different from that of its premises . When a professional rents a post office box. His mail is kept by the designated postal agency until he wishes to collect it . Procedures for opening a post office box To open a post office box. You should contact a postal agency close to your company’s head office and take out a post office box subscription .

The postal agent will ask

You for proof of your SIRET number to check that the head office of your company depends on this post office. Important: a company can only have one post office box . Once your eligibility has been validated, you will then need to choose the subscription Telemarketing List plan that suits you (monthly, seasonal, annual) and choose the desired payment method (credit card, check, cash). After signing the subscription contract , you will be able to use your post office box. Only the legal representative of the company is authorized to collect mail . If you wish to delegate this role to other people, you will need to complete mandates with the postal agency. The final step in opening a PO Box concerns the organization and operation of your business. This involves notifying all

Your commercial partners

Customers, suppliers, service providers, etc.) of the change in the title of your postal address on all your communications media and legal documents. PO Boxes are popular for a variety of reasons Fast and efficient mail management Small businesses do not have a mail processing and management service . It is therefore in their interest to have a post office box in Marketing List order to avoid losing it. Thus, this postal service protects them

from certain disappointments. Providing a post office box eliminates the risk of letters being returned to their sender due to an error in the wording of the address (wrong street number, for example). Indeed, the loss of important mail from a supplier or customer can have disastrous consequences for future business relationships. On the other hand, having a post office box allows you to collect your mail yourself , as soon as the post office opens. Without having to wait for the postman to come. 

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