Southeast Asia e-commerce operating environment

Southeast Asia mainly includes 11 countries including Indonesia. Vietnam. Philippines. Malaysia. Thailand. and Singapore. with a total population of 683 million. accounting for 8.58% of the world’s total population. and more than 50% of the population is urban residents. According to the “Southeast Asia Internet Economy Report”. the number of Internet users in the six Southeast Asian countries will increase by 20 million in 2022. reaching 460 million. and the Internet penetration rate is as high as 76%. which is much higher than the global level. Among them. Indonesia and the Philippines have the largest populations. with 278 million and 112 million people respectively. Malaysia has the highest social media penetration rate. reaching 91.70%. followed by Singapore (89.50%). Philippines (82.40%).

It is expected that the Southeast Asian market will

Contribute up to of the global new consumer population in the next ten years.Population structure distribution of six southeast asian countries.Image source we are social. February at the same time. The structure of online UK Telegram Number Data shopping users in southeast. Asia shows a younger trend. With the age being around 30.2 years old. Especially in indonesia. Malaysia. The philippines and vietnam. The population under 35 years old accounts for more than and the potential for consumption growth is considerable. It should be noted that with the rise of the “Her economy”. The number of female shoppers has surged in the past year. And the current proportion of male and female consumers is 46% and 54% respectively. Thailand vietnam . And indonesia . Followed closely. And both have exceeded china (68%) and the global average .

Online shopping habits The focus of online shopping in Southeast

Asian countries is slightly different. For example. consumers in Singapore and Malaysia are highly receptive to Chinese products. Generally Marketing List speaking. they like 3C. beauty. clothing and household products. but their focus is different. Most online consumers in Singapore are born in the 1980s and 1990s. who value product services. genuine products. and like reviews and ratings. Malaysian consumers are more rational in their consumption and will not spend money randomly. so they will be more inclined to shop during major sales. Indonesia. the Philippines and Thailand have moderate acceptance of Chinese products. and they are all very price sensitive. Consumers in Thailand like to try new products. have a high frequency of consumption. like 3C and small home appliances. and tend to review and rate products. But no matter which country it is. it is worth mentioning that social media platforms continue to explode in Southeast Asia. From the specific breakdown of countries.

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