Workaround for a Common Problem People

One recent video that is doing super well for hootsuite is our video on how to share a 60-second instagram reel to your instagram story without it getting choppe up. “we did the research to find a workaround for a common problem people have. And that paid off with a 78% percent retention rate.” cooper explains. Of course. These kinds of videos have pretty short shelf lives because instagram will update the app sooner rather than later. “i’m already on the hunt for our next hack.” she says. Evolve by experimenting the only way to know what really captures an audience’s attention and gets you that precious watch time is to try. Try. Try. You’ll never find that secret recipe for success without a little experimentation… and probably a few failures a.k.a. 

Learning Pop's Along the Way

Learning opps along the way. Mr. Beast didn’t become the world’s richest youtuber overnight. By trial and error. He discovere that the wilder and more extravagant his stunts were. The better his views and engagement did. And now he’s. Uh. Curing blindness. What a time to be alive. “it’s the little changes and course corrections that add up over time.” 

Says cooper. “as a small channel. Obviously business lead the dream is to create a piece of gold that goes viral. But as a small eucational channel. Focusing on practical. Valuable videos that we know people already want is important.” two tactics that have paid off for hootsuite labs are getting more specific a.k.a. “niching down” with a topic i.e..

Unless You Have Truly Alienate

Rather than “instagram vs. Tiktok” going after “instagram vs. Tiktok for business”; and 2 being the first to make a video on a topic. “but really both of those mean knowing your audience: what they care about. What they’re problems are. What they’re curious about. And what they want to know.” says cooper. 

Take courage from the fact that if an experiment Marketing List really bombs. That low-performing video won’t down-rank your channel or future videos in any way. Unless you have truly alienate your audience to the point where they don’t want to watch you anymore. Your videos all have an equal chance to earn viewers.

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