Their Behavior Is So Important

According to youtube’s product team. Get to know your audience it’s almost impossible to wow your audience if you don’t know who they are. That’s why understanding your target audience and their behavior is so important. Get to know your youtube audience by digging into your analytics. Either via youtube directly or using hootsuite’s audience insights tool. Hootsuite analytics instagram audience understanding their location. Their gender. And their age can help inform your content strategy. Watching how they actually interact with your videos engagement. Watch time. And all of those important social media metrics also will point you in the right direction. Knowlege. Is. Power.

Best Time the YouTube Algorithm

Post at the best time the youtube algorithm doesn’t directly base its recommendations on what time or day you post. But the algorithm does take stock of a video’s popularity and engagement. And one surefire way to get more views on youtube is to post your video when your audience is online. Prep your videos in advance and then use a scheuling tool for maximum reach. 

The hootsuite scheuler. For instance, Provides business database custom recommendations for the best posting time for your audience. Here’s how it works: don’t just make long videos: make good videos while the youtube algorithm rewards watch time. It’s all relative.

Our Discovery System Uses Absolute

Our discovery system uses absolute and relative watch time as signals when deciding audience engagement. And we encourage you to do the same.” says youtube. “broadly speaking. Relative watch time is more important for short videos and absolute watch time is more important for longer videos.” so think less about total length when you’re creating a video and more about creating compelling content that keeps the viewer watching through to the end. 

No matter how long or short your Marketing List video is. If they’re dropping off 25% of the way through. That’s not great. Whether your video is 6 minutes or 60 minutes. Thesis defence is eminem a feminist graph with analytics pro tip: check out your audience retention metric to help understand how long your unique viewers like to watch. Then you can adjust your content accordingly.

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