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New pricing model, let’s take a look at how WhatsApp Business currently works. There are two types of conversations through WhatsApp: conversations initiated by merchants and conversations initiated by users.WhatsApp Business Initiated Conversation WhatsApp Breaking news WhatsApp User Initiated Conversation Currently, the pricing model of WhatsApp Business is based on sessions. This means you are charged per session (24 hour window), not per sent (template) message. Enterprises are charged for calls every 24 hours, and no additional charges are charged from enterprises or users within 24 hours. Charges depend on who initiates the session, and the billing period begins when the business sends the message.

WhatsApp Business latest pricing model

Meta is committed to providing the ultimate customer journey on whatsapp business. Allowing businesses to communicate with customers across multiple. Touch points and in various scenarios. Whatsapp business used to focus more on notification services. But now it has been upgraded to provide more comprehensive functions. Breaking news WhatsApp Such as marketing notifications and authentication. Because of this, starting from june. Whatsapp will introduce a new pricing model. The new pricing model will classify pricing according to four different session types. The session period remains unchanged and is still 24 hours.

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Notification initiated by the merchant

Conversations actively initiated by merchants are generally related to transactions, such as transaction information confirmation, after-sales service notifications, regular bills, etc. The price of this type of session will be lower than the original price so that merchants can provide better customer service and experience.Utility Conversations WhatsApp. Identity verification is also possible through WhatsApp! For such sessions, security is key. Authentication templates allow users to be authenticated using one-time passwords at multiple touchpoints during the login or verification process, such as account registration, account recovery, and other situations that require confirmation of a customer’s identity. The price of this type of session will be significantly lower than before.pricing-changes-june-2023-authentication.

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