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Certificates have Formulate Monetary and Fiscal Policies Monetary policy (by the central bank) and fiscal policy (by the government) are very important in managing the economy. Macroeconomics helps in designing and implementing these policies to achieve goals such as price stability, economic growth, and creating jobs. . Managing Inflation and Deflation Macroeconomics helps identify the causes of inflation (increase in prices) and deflation (decrease in prices) and design appropriate policies to maintain price stability in the economy. . Management of Unemployment Levels.

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The unemployment rate is an important indicator in macroeconomics. Macroeconomic analysis helps in formulating policies that enable creating and maintaining Estonia Phone Number List employment opportunities for the citizens of the country. . Managing Foreign Balance Macroeconomics considers international trade and a country’s balance of trade. This helps the government in maintaining a balance between exports and imports, which can affect economic stability.

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Encourage Long-Term Economic Growth Macroeconomics helps plan long-term investments and infrastructure development that can fuel sustainable economic growth. . Anticipate and Handle the Economic Crisis Macroeconomic studies.  Enable China Whatsapp Number governments to anticipate and respond to economic crises, such as financial crises or recessions.  By taking appropriate actions. . Managing Budget Balance The government can use macroeconomic understanding to maintain a balance budget, that is, generate sufficient revenue to cover government expenditure. This can prevent excessive budget deficits.

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