Conduct Your Keyword Research

You can conduct your keyword research in the same way you would for a blog post or web copy: using free tools like google adwords or semrush. Read more about social seo here. Google keyword plan once you’ve identifie your primary keywords. You’ll want to use them in four places: in the video’s file name i.e.. in the video’s title. Using catchy natural language like “real life step by step laparoscopic appendectomy” in the youtube video description. Especially within the first two lines. Above the fold. In the video’s script and therefore in the video’s subtitles and close captions which means uploading an srt file. But there’s one place you don’t nee to put your keywords.

According to YouTube

In the video’s tags. According to youtube. Tags “play a minimal role in video discovery” and are most helpful if your keyword or channel name is often misspelle. Adding excessive tags to your video description could even harm your video. It’s against youtube’s policies on spam. Deceptive practices. And scams. Make it impossible for people to resist clicking on your thumbnail but without being clickbaity. 

Obviously. “appeal” is the word youtube uses b2b email list to describe how a video entices a person to take a risk albeit a minor one and watch something new. While youtube itself doesn’t care what your thumbnail looks like visually. It is keeping track of whether or not people actually click through. Youtuber j.j. Mccullough uses a consistent style for his thumbnails that usually feature his face.

McCullough Videos Bright Imagery

A succinct title. And intriguing imagery. J.j. Mccullough videos bright imagery on thumbnails to maximize your video’s appeal: upload a custom thumbnail and keep the visual style consistent across all your thumbnails. Catchy title the kind you can’t not click on remember the first sentence or so of the description will show up in search. So make it interesting and relevant. 

Check out more tactics to promote Marketing List your youtube channel here. Keep people watching your video. And all your videos once you have a viewer watching one video. Make it easy for them to keep watching your content and stay within your channel’s ecosystem. For instance. The end of taskmaster episodes feature a card that links to more videos and a prompt to subscribe to the channel.

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