You earn links when other people link to the pages

This won’t happen unless you have something truly noteworthy that other website owners will genuinely want to mention on their websites. So here are a few things that can make the pages of your website worthy of a link: Your company’s proprietary data Results of experiments (which require significant efforts) Unique ideas and strong opinions (i.e., thought leadership) Industry surveys Breaking news For example, back in 2017, we used our proprietary data to.  Carry out a unique research study, which answered one of SEO’s most frequently asked questions: “How long does it take to rank in Google?”

It seems intuitive that a link from The New

Times and a link from your friend’s small travel blog couldn’t possibly be treated by .Google as equals. NYT is a  world-famous authority, and your category email list friend’s blog is hardly known even among their friends. Over many years of building links, SEOs have gathered a lot of empirical evidence that links from more.  Well-known and authoritative websites have a bigger influence on your page’s rankings in Google. But how do you measure the “authority” of the website? Well, according to an industry survey done by . Aira, the most popular website authority metrics are Ahrefs’ Domain Rating (DR) and Moz’s Domain Authority (DA). With internally developed metrics (which often have DR or DA blended in them) holding the third spot. Our Domain.  Rating (DR) metric is the most popular among . SEOs, according to Aira’s 

If you run a blog about health and fitness

links from other websites (and pages) on the same topic will have more weight in the eyes of.  Google compared to links from websites about cars or finances. Here’s an excerpt from Google’s “How Search Works” guide that corroborates this theory (bolding is mine): If other prominent websites on the subject link to the page, that’s a good sign that the information Marketing List is of high.  Quality. But this doesn’t mean that you should avoid getting links from websites that aren’t on the same topic as yours. I can’t imagine any seasoned.  SEO saying: “No, please don’t link to my recipe website from, a hosting website with DR 93.

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