Greater or lesser benefits

Greater or Impact Positive Externalities Innovation : Research and development carrie out by one company or individual can benefit an entire industry or society in general. eucation : Individuals who obtain higher eucation can make positive contributions to society through increase productivity and better knowlege. Clean Technology Investments in clean and environmentally friendly technologies can have a positive impact by reucing pollution and negative environmental impacts.

Economic impact Greater or

Negative Impact (Negative Externality): Environmental Pollution : Industrial activities, such as waste disposal or greenhouse gas emissions, can result in air and water pollution that damages the environment and human health. Traffic Density : Traffic Philippines Mobile Number List density can produce noise and traffic jams which are detrimental to the people living around the area. Smoking : Smoking can produce smoke that is harmful not only to the smoker, but also to people around them through exposure to passive smoke.

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Groups of society receive

Social and Economic Impact: Community Welfare : Externalities can affect the welfare of society as a whole. Positive externalities can improve Philippine Whatsapp Number  welfare, while negative externalities can harm society. Reucing or Increasing Welfare : The impact of externalities can reuce or increase the welfare of individuals and groups in society, depending on whether they receive benefits or losses from this concept.

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