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So it’s no surprise that Google uses the words in the anchor text to better understand what the referenced page is about and what keywords it deserves to rank for. In fact Google’s original PageRank patent talks about this quite explicitly (bolding is mine): Google employs a number of techniques to improve search quality including page rank, anchor text, and proximity information. So how do you leverage anchor text when building links? Well, it’s better that you don’t. The more you try to control how different pages link to you and shoehorn all the “right words” into the anchor text of your backlinks,

Back in 2010, Bill Slawski brought to attention a Google patent

This model explains how the likelihood of a link being .  Clicked may affect how much authority it transfers. And this likelihood is mostly determined by where the link is located on the page. Let’s say there’s a .  Webpage that consists of three blocks: content, sidebar, and footer. As a general rule, links in the content get more clicks because the content top industry data block gets the most attention from visitors. Placement matters with backlinks Prominently placed links may transfer more “authority.” One other thing that can affect the .  CTR of a link is how high on the page it appears. Readers are more likely to click the .  Links at the very beginning of the article rather than the ones at its very end.

When building links to your website, there are three general destinations where you can point them

And quite often, the pages that you need to rank well are also the hardest ones to get links to. That’s because website owners.   Generally prefer to link to informational pages where their audience can get value for free rather than commercial Marketing List pages where their audience is likely to be pitched some product. Thus, one of the most common questions in SEO is.  How to get links to boring pages.  And the strategy that experienced .  SEOs usually suggest is to get lots of quality links to your.  linkable assets,” and then transfer some of that “link authority” to your “money pages” that you want to rank well in Google. 

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