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Mercamadrid , the largest distribution, marketing. Transformation Product Strategies and logistics platform for fresh foods in Spain, celebrates 40 years serving citizens , not only in Madrid, as its radius of influence reaches 500 kilometers. Four decades in which it has always made clear its effort to guarantee traceability, quality and variety of the food that reaches shops. Restaurants and, of course, also into our homes. In such a special moment, taking advantage of the situation of the 40th Anniversary together with the recovery of the excitement of Christmas after a few years with more or less restrictions due to the health crisis we are going through.


Christmas tastes better Product Strategies if we are together

Christmas tastes better if we are together” is the global claim of the campaign developed. The creative agency AMUNDSEN in addition category email list to an added PR plan. & Communication aimed at all the most general media. In this way. They leave behind the feelings that these dates had. Left us in recent years and in which we could not celebrate as we would have liked. Although it may seem distant to us due to the quantity and intensity of the emotions experienced. We cannot forget that last year we reached the peak of the sixth wave precisely at this time.


Abandoned the project, since it did not motivate

One of the thousands of professionals who make everything happen every night . As usual, AMUNDSEN highlights the value of recovering the Marketing List everyday when telling a story. “Many times we tend to look for the triple corkscrew jump. Even more so in the context of Christmas campaigns, and we do not realize that the magic happens in front of us. We just have to know how to observe. Capture it and tell it to amplify it,” highlights Alex López, CEO and founder of the agency.

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