Prioritization of Tasks, or How to Effectively Use the Star Method?

Prioritizing tasks is not an easy task. Especially in times when new opportunities appear all the time and it is difficult to focus. The Priority Star is a great exercise to help you arrange five related topics and determine which one should be done first.

I will show you this on the basis of an example marketing project – a blog that you may want to start. You can also use this tool to promote your business.

Let’s collect the five most important things without which we will not achieve our goal:

1. Posts

Of course, the blog must contain content that will attract users to your website.

2. Podcast

One of the elements that you would like to use are conversations with interesting people or even recorded articles that can be listened to by people who do not have the opportunity or time to read.

3. Mailing list

Would you like to have regular contact with your reciwe Latest Mailing Database arepients and inform them about new entries on your website? The best way to do this is to create a mailing list.

4. Server and domain

After all, your website must have a name and a place on the Internet.

5. Design

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You want your website ank attractive. You must have a logo that will distinguish you from the competition.

As you can see, this is a perfect example, because all the elements are interrelated – they are components of one larger project and the problem you want to solve.

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