Product activities and discount information

As long as you have a mobile phone number and get the opt-in authorization. From the other party, you can send messages. For potential consumers who are still waiting to see, the brand can convey the brand concept to them, expand the brand influence, and deepen the impression in their hearts. It can also use Specific preferential activities attract their participation, such as gift certificates for new members. WhatsApp supports proactively sending template messages to users, which can reach such consumers in batches and help convert new members. This group of customers can be said to be the brand’s own traffic and are already “old friends”. In fact, we should pay more attention to this group of people, because they contribute the most to sales.

Manage active members carefully

Recommending different products to them in a targeted manner based on their past purchase history can arouse the interest and purchasing desire of this group of customers. “Old Gambling Number Data friends” need to be managed more carefully. The conversational social attribute of WhatsApp can bring the relationship closer to consumers. In addition to purchasing preferences, “old friends” can also be provided with exclusive treatment based on their different anniversaries. Let loyal members experience the brand’s care first-hand, and online services can also be warm.


Wake up sleeping members

Sleeping members who have not made repurchases for a relatively long period of time account for a larger part of the brand’s existing members. Instead of Marketing List spending a lot of effort and money to obtain new traffic, you can also try to work hard on such consumers. They may be tired of checking marketing emails, but they will never miss a WhatsApp message! Provide them with wake-up exclusive gift certificates to attract them to come back and spend again. Affected by various factors, products are often out of stock, which will seriously affect consumers’ shopping experience. When the target product is in stock, consumers can be reminded through WhatsApp to help them purchase their favorite products in time and prevent user loss.

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