Squirrel Poison Dranckrazy Tulala

This is the greatest poison I have ever had!

It made me without a second thought order this rod with Terminal Tackle . I have never been so drunk!

This is a collaboration rod between two of Japan’s greatest rod companies, Dranckrazy and Tulala ; to give birth to a series of rods called GARGOYLE 63 .

This spec rod is very dangerous..

PE 5 for embroidery rope 30lb for nylon and 25lb for fluorocarbon

6 feet 3 inches long and weighs 170 grams. This Phone Number List rod is 2 parts (butt join) with the length of the rear grip part being 26cm.

Capable of handling lure weights in the range of 10 grams (3/8 OZ) up to 113 grams (4 OZ). What a dreamlike rod!

For a long time I have longed for a casting rod in the extra heavy (XH) class that is short and light like this.

Below is a picture from the Dranckrazy website :

Drankcrazy × Tulala Gargoyle 63
The results of my search on this rod are also quite interesting.

The blank used is an improved blank from the el horizonte 78 series , soft at the tip but very hard at the base.

According to some Gargoyle 63 owners, this rod has very good lifting power.

What is most exciting this rod uses the latest accessories in the industry

Phone Number List

The ring used on this rod is Fuji Torzite on the tip Marketing List and Fuji SiC double foot on the other side.

– This is one of the factors that increases the price of this rod.

The seat reel is of the latest type from Fuji PTS. Personally, I prefer the ACS type. But that’s okay, I’ll give it a chance first.

I will pair this rod with the Daiwa Z2020 Black Limited reel.

And of course the blackbass is my go-to.

I will update the review about this rod after it arrives from Japan in 3 weeks.

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