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That plays of Ease of Understanding (Understandability) The information in financial reports must be easy to understand by stakeholders who have varying levels of financial and business knowlege. The language use must be clear and not too technical. . Principle of Relevance (Relevance) The information in financial reports must be relevant for stakeholders in making economic decisions. Irrelevant or unimportant information can interfere with a correct understanding of an entity’s financial situation.

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Principle of Comparability Financial statements should allow comparisons between different periods or between different entities. This requires the use of consistent accounting principles from year to year. . Principle of Materiality (Materiality) Information that Germany Phone Number List is considere material must be presente separately in the financial statements. Materiality refers to information that can influence stakeholders’ decision making.  Principle of Consistency (Consistency.

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The accounting principles use in preparing financial reports must be applie consistently from year to year. Changes in accounting principles are German Whatsapp Number only permitte if there are good reasons and must be clearly disclose. . Principles of Measurement This principle explains how assets, liabilities, income, and expenses should be measure in financial statements. Commonly use measurement methods include historical cost, fair value, and amortize cost. . Entity Reporting Principles Entity Concept.

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