The Future of Social Media event arrives

A social context that does not stop changing and with companies that. Little by little are giving communication. The importance it deserves, iebs digital school.  The business school specializing in online training, will celebrate on november 17, 2022. A new edition of the future of social media. A free online event that will bring together leading experts to analyze the challenges and trends that are transforming the sector. The-future-of-social-media the social media strategies carried out. Similarly, By brands have been completely transformed in recent years. With an evolution that seems unstoppable thanks to the appearance of new platforms and tools such as tiktok and twitch in recent years.

Numbers by the Dozen

Currently, more than 59.3% of the world population Cyprus Whatsapp Number List uses social networks, 4.2% more than the previous year, a figure that continues to grow year after year and opens up a whole range of opportunities for reach the audience.For this reason, the future of social media was born, a conference aimed at both professionals and aspirants or people who are entering the world of social networks and want to know how to take advantage of and generate benefits from these platforms hand in hand with great professionals. The event will address topics as relevant today. The power of data in social media strategy.

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Essential Numerical Methods for Every Problem

The future of influencers or content Marketing List  creators take advantage of tiktok to build a committed community. How to make linkedin the best social selling machine. On the other hand, the program of presentations is made up of experts. The level of sara giménez , influencer, co-founder of devermut and head of strategy & marketing at era, jaime pérez-seoane , managing partner grupo go talents, vicent martí , growth senior at metricool and co-founder of streamloots, leyre iturralde , social media strategist & tiktok specialist at havas, alberto villagrasa , social media strategist audiovisual at platanomelón or laura mª vázquez viaño , head of digital marketing & digital strategy at torres y carrera, among others.

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