The most unknown email marketing trends for 2023

If your email marketing strategy consists of making static newsletters that customers can only read, it’s time to change. One of the trends in email marketing that is gaining more and more strength, becoming essential today. Is creating interactive emails with which your audience can interact. It is proven that allowing readers to interact with the content increases the performance of the email marketing strategy. But when we talk about interaction with the newsletter. We are not referring to putting “read more” buttons that redirect to your blog or your social networks. But to elements that keep the user in the email itself , such as: videos that can be reproduced in the newsletter itself. Image carousels that they can slide themselves.

Captivating Storytelling for emails

All these resources will make your Azerbaijan Whatsapp Number List  emails much more attractive to your audience, making them increasingly curious to open them. In addition, in this way. Your mailings will be differentiated from the competition. That only sends promotions and discounts without offering valuable content to its customers. Captivating storytelling for emails. It is also not worth collecting a large amount of unrelated information in your emails. It is essential that you tell a story in each shipment. Customers tend to hate email marketing because many brands only communicate the good prices they have and the offers, their only objective being that you buy their product. If you do that, your email will most likely end up in the trash.

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The “open rate” metric loses relevance

The key so that this does not happen Marketing List  is that with each newsletter you combine that sales objective with that of informing your audience about a topic that interests them and, if possible, play with emotion . If, for example, you work in the business insurance sector, send them information on how to improve the mental health of their teams, and if your niche is food delivery, share recipes or information on healthy nutrition with your audience. In this way, you will not only achieve better results in your email marketing strategy. But also become, little by little, a benchmark in your sector. The purpose is not for promotional emails to disappear from your strategy, but for them to be combined with valuable content.

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