OOH digital advertising that you cannot miss this 2023

We start with one of the ooh digital advertising trends of 2023 that, on many occasions, has gone viral . Surely you have seen several videos showing examples. Known as anamorphic advertising. A type of ooh advertising that is carried out on very particular outdoor screens. That are usually placed on buildings or curved facades. To give the impression that the image has depth.  Thus creating a 3d effect from specific angles of the public space. However, all eyes point to the fact that their demand will not stop growing in 2023 throughout. The world since in addition they generate a great impact on the public. Despite the fact that it has become more widespread.

Numerical Modeling Unveiled

And it is that, as alba sala , creative and innovation Costa Rica Whatsapp Number List director at phd media, indicates. We are experiencing the 3d boom, which generates greater brand awareness and better memories in the minds of passers-by”. The time has come when brands have realized. That the repetition of an advertisement is not the key to remain in the minds of consumers. But rather powerful and powerful ideas that connect with the public and remain.

Location-based ooh one of the most important trends in ooh digital advertising of 2023 is personalization and, within this, the one related to location. What does this mean? Mainly, that the advertisements that you see when you are on the street, at the subway stop or in the shopping center are adapting more and more to the environment and context of the public , causing them to perceive them as more important and that they fit more into their imaginary.

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Bridging Theoretical Concepts and Real-World Solutions

As you may have thought, this marketing trend will be Marketing List enhanced if we use the possibilities offered by technology and, specifically, the iot (internet of things or internet of things, in spanish) . For example, more and more cities are equipping themselves with sensors that collect information on the traffic situation, air quality or temperature. All this data can be used by advertisers to transmit advertising that connects with the needs and problems of citizens according to their location. And not only that, this data can also be used by the brands themselves at a more internal level. In other words, if there is an area where a large amount of traffic accumulates, it may be a good idea to install advertising panels there and thus take advantage of the waiting of the citizens.

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