CRM trends for your 2023 strategy

Traditionally, crm was a way to follow up with marketing contacts and do lead nurturing . But the trend is that they become a means to better understand our customers . Crms collect vast amounts of data about each individual customer. Allowing sales and customer service teams to build detailed profiles of every customer they come into contact with. This detailed view of customers is very useful for the entire company, but particularly for sales teams. According to a recent industry report (chang, 2021), 70% of salespeople believe that crms are “very important” to closing sales. Also, according to linkedin, 49% of sales professionals plan to use more of this technology in the future. In short, crms give us access to a large amount of data about our customers, updated almost in real time.

Increased use of CRM by teams and companies

It is our responsibility to properly process this data and use. It to create detailed profiles that facilitate the work of the entire company. Increased use of crm by teams and companies crm. Trends suggest that its use will become popular among all company departments. Not just those that work directly with customers. Such as sales and customer service. Crm experts Australia Whatsapp Number List say that this tool is likely to be adopted throughout the company in the coming years. As companies will realize. That they are underutilizing crm systems and therefore not realizing their full potential. According to a recent study, 80% of companies are aware that crms are not only useful for helping sales and customer service departments. Therefore, next year we expect to see progress in the adoption of crm at all levels.

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Social CRM is a growing practice

Social crm is a growing practice social Marketing List  crm consists of integrating. Social channels into customer relationship management platforms , a practice that makes sense if we consider that 65% of customer service teams use social networks. This allows you to integrate traditional channels with social ones to improve both customer service and marketing data. Social crm has been part of marketing best practices since 2020, and companies continue to use social channels to better understand their customers.
To make this task easier, today’s crms seamlessly integrate with the most popular social networks, such as facebook, twitter, and linkedin. In addition to integrating social media channels into their existing customer relationship platforms, companies can also use standalone social crm solutions. With these tools, companies can learn a lot about their customers, like what their buying habits are and what they think about their products. All this contributes to getting to know our customers better.

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