Tips for a better after-sales process

While investing in ads for your store is inevitable, reducing the cost of acquiring customers is something that every store owner should strive for. And a Tips for a  great way to reduce the cost of acquiring customers is to work well in post-sales . The after-sales service is considered a great ally of the entrepreneur when it comes to retaining and delighting customers; after all, if you believe that your work is over after sending your product, in fact, it is just beginning, and we will teach you why. That’s because the after-sales service is a great opportunity to boost the results of your virtual store and retain a customer, no matter how much he has had the best service throughout the purchase journey, it is in the after-sales that the relationship is strengthened. Unfortunately, it is common for many enterprising people not to recognize the importance of after sales.

While investing in ads for your store is inevitable

But we’re here to talk about good things and we’ll help you understand all the steps and put them into practice to further improve your ecommerce results  Malaysia Phone Number List  and generate new conversions through repurchases. Here you will see: What is and why is the after-sales process important? Keep your customer informed about the status of the purchase Reserve a little time for customers on commemorative dates Offer exclusive promotions Ask for your customer’s feedback and ratings Surprise your customer when delivering the product Have a great humanized service Have a good exchange policy Ask about the shopping experience Cross sell, add-on purchase Invest in Remarketing What is the after-sales process and why is it important ? After-sales is the set of actions performed after the consumer completes a purchase. Want a competitive edge? Offer a memorable shopping and after-sales experience. To help you with this mission, get excellent results.


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But we’re here to talk about good things

These actions encompass the service provided, cordiality, communications. Benefits, offers and promotions. Click to create your store The father of Marketing, Philip Kloter said: winning a new customer can cost 5 to 7 times more than keeping a current one. Conquering  Marketing List  new customers is extremely important for any business. But customer acquisition strategies demand a lot of effort anfd investment. On the other hand, when we think of your customers. Those who already know your brand. Your product and the entire purchase journey needed in your ecommerce. It’s much easier to talk to them. Offer them new products and conditions. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to invest in aftermarket! In addition to new sales . Satisfied customers are more likely to promote their brand and advertise well. Recommending it to other people and even sharing it on their social networks.

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