5 Customer Service Mistakes You Don’t Make

Building a successful ecommerce goes beyond making new sales — you still need to worry about retaining customers so they make new purchases. It is a consensus in the marketing world that retaining a customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one. This means that investing in customer retention strategies brings a greater return on investment (ROI) than the resources to bring new customers to your store. With that in mind, today we separate some retention strategies to apply in your e-commerce! But first, a quick distinction needs to be made… Here you will see: Customer retention vs. loyalty: what’s the difference? From retention to loyalty: 5 strategies for ecommerce Customer retention vs. loyalty: what’s the difference? Many people think that retention and loyalty are the same thing. And the truth is, they are not. While one is, yes, a complementary strategy of the other. It is necessary to understand their differences to know exactly when to invest in each one.

Building a successful ecommerce

Retention is a measure to determine whether an existing customer, one who has already purchased from you. Continues to do business with your company. Loyalty, on the other hand. Measures a customer’s predisposition to select a company as a preference and  Netherlands Phone Numbers List   indicates a certain resistance to competitors. Click to create your store Loyalty is a behavioral disposition that suggests that a customer will consistently respond favorably toward a brand. It also suggests a greater willingness to engage with them, not only buying but also engaging with the company online. This distinction is very important, as a customer who continues to do business with you may be retained, but is not necessarily loyal. The ideal goal, of course, is to convert them from a retained customer to a loyal one. But how to do it? From retention to loyalty: 5 strategies for ecommerce Let’s now see 5 strategies to take your customer from retention to loyalty.


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Retention is a measure to determine

Focus on creating a positive customer experience Today, it’s all about the customer experience . The consumer doesn’t just want to buy a good product (he can find this in several suppliers). He wants to feel satisfied with the entire buying process. The service you  Marketing List  provide to the customer makes all the difference: from making it easy for the customer to find everything they need, including detailed product information, to tracking delivery and post-purchase actions — satisfaction survey, opening for complaints/suggestions, engagement incentives, etc. 2. Appreciate your repeat customers As we said, unless you offer an innovative product that nobody else has on the market, the consumer will probably look for what you sell in the competition. So appreciate everyone who makes the choice for your store. This will make you stand out and help to retain them. By thanking them for choosing your e-commerce site, you show the consumer that you value them.

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