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civil servant (dinas kehutanan). His parents’ decent jobs gave his family fairly good literacy skills compared to others in the village. Little Dicky is a person who likes to play with computers. He is interested in computer games and sometimes tinkers with his laptop. Even when Dickey was in high school, he helped the principal troubleshoot computer problems. His experience with computers led him to decide to really delve into informatics in college. To improve his skills in computer science, Dicky studied Information Engineering at Brawijaya University. As an informatics engineering student, his curiosity was piqued by his neighbors, as none of them were familiar with computers at the time. This is new to the young people in the village. In his hometown, common occupations were.

Agriculture and forestry such as farmers

Rangers, and conservationists, just like Dickie’s father. Dicky found it difficult to reassure his parents that IT was a promising field for making a living. All they know is that being a “PNS” is the best job in life. The only family member who gave him full support was his sister, who understood what he was doing. Struggling with 100 Kbps Internet Speeds Dickey faced difficult whatsapp number list circumstances during his final years in college. His family is going through tragedy and difficulty, which makes it necessary for Dickie to fight back, including supporting his family financially. At that time, he just wanted to improve his skills and knowledge so that he could find a job easily. So Dicky decided to learn Google Cloud by himself. The problem is that the internet speed in his forest village is only 100 Kbps. No matter how slow the connection, Dicky still put a lot of effort into learning Google Cloud. 

He is very patient and can

 Do housework and read documents while waiting for the internet speed to process his requests. “You don’t have to be an expert to start doing something,” Dickey quoted from his favorite line in A Little Wisdom. These words encourage Dicky to do his best while contributing to Bangkit 2021. At Bangkit, he had an unforgettable teaching experience, was appreciated by Marketing List students, and got better job opportunities. His decision to join Bangkit had an impact not only on the students who joined, but also on his abilities as a coach. After Bangkit, he was even more motivated to become an educator. result? He recently earned his Google Educator Level 1 certification. Grow with decoding For Dicky, Dicoding was a dream company he had known about since college.

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