4 main consumer complaints in ecommerce

Complaints in ecommerce can have different sources: from the usability and navigability of your store to the checkout process. So that your virtual store can prepare and improve its processes, we have listed below some of the main problems faced by the user and 4 main consumer  what you can do to solve them. Keep reading! Here you will see: 1. Complicated checkout process 2. Security breaches 3. Difficulties in exchanges, returns and refunds 4. Long delivery time and expensive freight 1. Complicated checkout process Part of the appeal of shopping online is the convenience. A cumbersome checkout process, with a long form for the user to fill out, links to other pages and confusing information, negates this benefit and can cause customers to abandon their carts. Your shopping experience should have as few obstacles as possible.

Complaints in ecommerce

Streamline the checkout process , without losing security, of course. Clearly state what information is required and try to minimize the amount of optional data  New Zealand Phone Numbers List  requested. In addition, you can provide the customer with the option to save information for future orders. 2. Security breaches Customers love how easy it is to save their details so it’s automatically filled in the next time they place an order. But they don’t appreciate getting a message that their u 4 main consumer sername, password, credit card number and other personal data may have been compromised in a security breach. Click to create your store That’s why it’s important to perform a digital risk management assessment on your website and mobile app, correcting any potential security holes found. Consider offering multiple shipping, payment, and refund methods, as well as certain bonuses like coupons and discounts for people unhappy with their purchase.


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Streamline the checkout process

This process will also reveal whether your brand complies with the new General Data Protection Law (LGPD). Make your privacy and data protection policy Marketing List  clear and easy to find, so customers can feel safe shopping from your online store. Having a security certificate stamp on your page can also help convey credibility. 3. Difficulties in exchanges. Returns and refunds Many online shoppers check a store’s return and exchange policy before making a purchase. After all, unlike the physical purchase. The return of products on the market is still a major fear for the consumer. Most of them would buy more if stores offered less complicated returns. Be transparent about your return and refund policies. Make sure customers can find detailed information about this easily on the “Terms and Conditions” and “Frequently Asked Questions” pages. And make sure the information is clear.

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