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Have always consumed trout and, in most of the packages, they highlighted “Nile trout.” This makes you think that the trout there are the best. TRUE? However, since I visited Egypt, and was able to see how dirty and abused the Nile River is, every time I see that adjective I no longer feel positively but on the contrary, I end up not buying it. Has something really changed? No, if I reason about it, it doesn’t make any sense, but the “adjective” awakens subconscious emotions. Do you follow me? However, if they tell you “fresh Alaskan fish,” because of your idea of ​​big rivers and snowfalls, you will want that fish, because you will understand that it is vigorous and healthy.


Ains, stories, how much power they have. Some time ago I wrote a post that related Storytelling to Neuromarketing because, of all of them, this is perhaps one category email list of the most powerful. We all like stories. Tell me if you had considered this: Isn’t it true that you get more involved and empathize much more when a film has the label “based on a true story”? . Stories, real events, connect with our empathy. Whatever you have to say, if you tell it as a personal story, if you highlight that it is real and, finally, if it has a happy ending and evokes emotions, you will have built a mega-effective cocktail. I invite you to read my post: Neuromarketing and Storytelling, the power of mirror neurons .

Only for women.”

You were looking forward to this point, right? I would even dare to say that you have skipped the previous ones to come here with a mixture of curiosity and reluctance. “Careful Victor… ” Glad to hear it. It has fulfilled its function. “Only for women” is perhaps the most powerful example of a Marketing List truth that almost always works : “we adore the exclusivity and privilege of belonging to a group.” I personally did a study. I offered a Web audit service, just like that, to all my potential clients and contacts. The result was quite low. Some time later, I changed the way of presenting the product. I offered a “Web Audit Service for Lawyers”. What do you think that happened?

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